Coronavirus Top Targets

A Chinese doctor fighting the new coronavirus at Wuhan was quoted saying, “The most predictable thing about coronavirus is that it is totally unpredictable”. Now, several months after the beginning of the epidemic in China, medical scientists and practitioners worldwide are deeply engaged in research. The progress of disease with different people allows some conclusions as to patterns of development and severity of after-effects of the COVID-19 among different groups of population.

Latest research has shown that the most severe progress of COVID-19 shows among people with obesity; this is related to several factors.
First, it is obesity that stimulates production of protein through which the virus penetrates the cells of the body. Second, the excess fat stimulates progress of inflammatory processes in the body, which explains the severe forms of the disease. Third, the accumulation of fat in the body decreases the volume of the lungs provoking the pneumonia.
This research may explain the high mortality of coronavirus cases in the U.S.: 40% of adult population suffer from excessive weight and are most susceptible to severe forms of the disease.
Another factor is the pollution of the air. High levels of pollution are known to aggravate diseases of the lungs and increase the body’s vulnerability to infections. In many U.S. cities, the air pollution is above allowed levels, which also explains the epidemically unfavorable environment.

Prevention of coronavirus today is gaining a proper momentum, and we are sure that taking care of one’s health is the best way to protect one’s body both during the pandemic and once the high risks of contagion are reduced. Normalization of weight, improvement of functions of the respiratory system, safety from severe progress of infectious diseases and tolerance of the coronavirus infection are some of the important tasks that each of us needs to face.
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