1. The main trigger for the development of the atherosclerosis is the reaction of the vessel wall (mainly of the endothelium) to damage. Another probable reason for the damage of the vessel wall is its malnutrition, also known as the spasm of the vessels (Vasa vasorum). Because of the improvement of nutrition of all the tissues in the organism “Aironic” helps the normal nutrition of the vessel walls, prevents their damage, thinning and erosion.
  2. The initiating damage can happen because of several reasons, including high haemodynamic load. Respectively it is possible to evade such load, exercising on the “Aironic” and thus preventing the hypertonia of the vessels.
  3. The relief of the vessel spasm reduces the risk of appearance of the atherosclerosis plaques.
  4. Moderate hypercapnia induces the cholesterol metabolism.
  5. With CO2 being essential for all the vital processes, its excessive excretion (because of the hyperventilation of the lungs) triggers different protective mechanisms, one of which is the thickening of the membranes due to the accretion of cholesterol. This provokes the tissue sclerosis. The exercising on “Aironic” increases the level of CO2 in the organism, so the production of cholesterol is ceased and reduced to the normal amount, which diminishes the risk of atherosclerosis.