Exercising on “Aironic” lead to the better blood circulation, open microvessel and capillary lumens, which run through the lungs, the bronchi and the trachea, where the illness is localised. This opens the lumens of the air passages, and the mucus excretion is rendered easier, which prevents asthma attacks and takes away the necessity of hormonal medication, which spasms the vessels and worsens the illness.

One of the protective reactions to the excessive excretion of CO2 is the spasm of the bronchial smooth muscles. The bronchial spasm provokes choking, asphyxiation and dyspnea. Exercising on “Aironic” increase the level of CO2 in the organism, which diminishes the risk of this illness.

One of the protective mechanisms for the excessive excretion of CO2 is the production of mucus in the air passages, which reduces the bronchial lumen. Regular exercises help increase the CO2 level, which prevents the mucus production and helps clear the bronchi.