Sufficient amount of carbon dioxide is necessary for maintaining the metabolism and for the normal work of the endocrine system. This provides the means for the improvement of the work of the immune system. Carbon dioxide decreases the viscosity of colloid solutions and in this way influences the metabolism positively. The cells of a living organism are filled with colloid solution that resembles jelly. For the normal biochemical processes inside the cell to be in order, it is vital to maintain a certain degree of viscosity of this solution. More specifically, it shouldn’t be too thick. The increase in the thickness of the colloid solutions can be a result of many factors, such as malnutrition, chronic hyperventilation and hypodinamia, and leads to the decrease of the velocity of biochemical processes, accumulation of poisonous byproducts, salts, carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer). In this way the respiratory exercises help to improve the intracellular metabolism and increase the protective systems of the organism.