Almost every person faces the problem of memory impairment. Most often this occurs already in a mature age (over 40-45 years), and the degree of the problem manifestation may be different.

Many people consider this a natural ageing appearance, associated with age-related changes in the body and do not pay due attention to this issue. In most cases this is true, but sometimes memory impairment is associated with external or internal problems.

If they are not resolved in time, the situation may worsen and lead to irreparable consequences. Today we will tell you why memory is deteriorating and how to slow down or prevent this process.

Why does memory deteriorating appear?

In medicine, there are many causes of memory impairment. They are divided into several groups depending on the risk factors.

  • Brain diseases – the most often these are strokes, injuries, tumors, meningitis, encephalitis, Alzheimer’s disease;
  • The external factors are the stress, lack of sleep, psychological and physical overworks, negatively affecting the brain;
  • Diseases of other organs and systems – diabetes, thyroid gland, kidneys, liver diseases;
  • Poor nutrition – lack of vitamins, minerals in the body;
  • Intoxication – alcohol abuse, smoking, taking certain medicines;
  • Age changes – they appear because of the gradual cerebral circulation impairment and atherosclerotic changes in the vessels (the appearance of incrustation and cholesterol plaques).

Most often the person is faced with the age factor. After 45 years, the cerebral vessels (as well as in the whole body) lose their tone, elasticity, they start to form cholesterol plaques.

These processes make the blood supply difficult, and also, make difficult the oxygen supply to the brain regions responsible for memory. Most often, females suffer from age-related memory impairment.

How to stop the memory impairment?

If you do not take any action and ignore the problem, then the situation will only worsen gradually until it reaches catastrophic limits. Measures taken in due time will prevent its progress or significantly slow down the negative processes. How to prevent memory impairment?

Drug-induced methods

Modern medicine offers many drugs to improve memory. The administration of each of them should be coordinated with attending physician and should not be chosen independently.

Many drugs contain substances that improve brain function: vitamins B, C and E, fatty acids Omega-3, lecithin, folic acid. Also, the composition can include hawthorn extract, hypericum extract and ginseng extract.

Elderly people are prescribed with the drugs that improve the glucose uptake, intensifying the brain oxygen supply, which activate metabolic processes in the body. Their main goal is to restore the cerebral tissues blood circulation as much as possible and thereby improve the cells functioning and slow down their necrosis.

If memory impairment is caused by various diseases, then a comprehensive diagnosis should be performed and the patient should be treated by appropriate specialist.

Exercises for memory improvement

The problem development can be slowed down by means of special trainings. Basically, they are aimed at memorizing certain volumes of information. For example, people over 50 year’s age are recommended to start learning a foreign language. There are special programs for memory retention; and many books on this topic have been published.

But these methods, unfortunately, cannot stop the physiological changes in the body vessels. Of course, they can be used as prevention, but they will not cardinally solve the problem.

Respiratory exercises or exercises on the breathing simulator

In previous materials, we have already brought the audience attention to the beneficial effects of various types of respiratory gymnastics and exercises on a breathing simulator.

If you are aiming to improve the cerebral blood supply and to solve the problem of poor memory, respiratory gymnastics would be the effective remedy. It will help to prevent the negative consequences of age-related changes and serious diseases and also will restore and improve memory. It is necessary to understand that the possibilities of respiratory techniques are not boundless. Depending on the pathology cause, the effect can be different.

So, if memory impairment is associated with insufficient blood supply, the memory will be fully restored. In case of serious diseases such as sclerosis, unfortunately, this cannot be achieved: you can either prevent further deterioration of memory, or slow it down.

In case of a stroke, a huge number of neurons die and they cannot be restored. However, it is quite possible to prevent the development of complications and a repeated stroke.

Depending on the patient’s condition, it is possible to practice using standard breathing exercises or using a breathing exercise device. The result will be approximately the same: in the circulatory system, blood circulation is activated, including the circulation at the level of small vessels; oxygen will be better delivered to all parts of the brain, naturally restoring the cells functioning.

The breathing simulator trainings are more suitable for people who have had severe illnesses, because they do not require enough serious physical and psychological efforts.

It is quite possible to prevent memory impairment, partially restore it and slow the brain tissues pathological processes down. When choosing a method, we strongly recommend you to consult with your doctor – then the treatment will be as effective as possible.