In the summer every woman wants to show off her shapely slender legs. But not all women can do it. The excess weight, shape of the legs or the hangups which are understandable to them only, may be a barrier.

But there are ladies whose beautiful legs are hidden because of very palpable disease – varicose veins. The bluish reticulum is not an adornment of the female limbs at all. But a quarter of the world’s women suffer from it.

Doctors unanimously declare that it is necessary to treat such ailment with drugs using special procedures. We do not argue with them, but we believe that it is possible to consolidate the effect of traditional medicine by unconventional means.

Why does the varicose occur?

The medical answer to this question is hidden behind a complicated explanation of the circulatory process in our body. Blood moves in two circulations – greater circulation and lesser circulation. The heart initiates this movement.

From the top down, the blood moves “willingly”, because gravity helps it, but the reverse movement is more difficult. The valves help raising blood: in the intervals between cardiac contractions they fix the blood flow at a certain level.

If human legs are healthy, then this process passes for him/her unnoticeably, especially if he/she does not neglect physical exertion. But if a woman or a man is prone to the appearance of varicose veins, then their veins can gradually expand. At the same time the valves will cease closing, so the blood outflow will worsen, and the veins will continue to expand.

This cyclic process leads first to the appearance of an ill-favored reticulum, and after that to the appearance of more serious varicosity presentations.

The cause of such changes formation lies in heredity. It is proved that if your parents or grandparents had varicose veins, then you may also have such trouble. Moreover, the probability of this illness appearance would be rather high.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent and treat the varicosity with heavy responsibility.

Treatment of varicosity

Treatment methods are divided into drug-induced and drug-free modalities. The first ones sounds, perhaps, even more frightening than the second ones. Instead of ointments, pills or infusions, you may come up with sclerotherapy and laser coagulation.

But do not be scared at once:

Sclerotherapy is the “gluing” of small vessels by means of injection. Such a prick helps to eliminate the so-called “spider veins”. This is the anesthesia-free procedure and it takes from 5 to 15 minutes. After the procedure, the “glued” vein forms a bundle, which resolves over time.

Laser coagulation – during this procedure, larger vessels are sealed. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A light guide is introduced into the vein, and the laser light is emitted through it. It heats the blood cells that “weld” the vessel.

After these procedures, some limitations appear. It is forbidden to lift weights during the month and it is forbidden to wear high heels. Most often, such procedures are carried out in the cold season, because after them it is necessary to wear 1st or the 2nd grade compression stockings.

Folk remedies

There are general and local remedies for the treatment of varicose veins at home. The infusions use, a diet, physical exercises are the general remedies; applications and compresses, which are stuped on the damaged places, are the local remedies.

Diet in case of varix dilatation

In the fight against varicose veins, a standard diet is a universal adjunct. The body weight reduction will help to reduce the weight bearing and will help to improve the general state of patient’s health.

There are also special varieties of diet in case of varix dilatation. The patient food allowance in such diets excludes animal fats, and they should be changed by vegetable oil and cod liver oil, as well as vitamin F. Such a diet also helps to reduce the weight bearing and strengthens the walls of the vessels.

Physical exercises in case of varicosity

Physical exercises in case of varix dilatation, like any other method of treatment, should be agreed with a specialist. Therefore, before starting the exercises, talk to your doctor.

If the weight bearing is not contraindicated to you, then start your exercises safely. They should consist of three initial positions: standing position, side-lying position and back-lying position. As a warmup – sit on your haunches.

Standing exercises

Starting position: stand straight, place your feet together. Rise on your toes and then gently go down on your heels. After 20-30 reps, turn out the toes, and leave the heels together. Make another 20-30 rises on your toes. Then please make heels-apart stand, and repeat the exercise again.

Continue to train calf muscles – you should walk on the spot for a while without taking the toes off the floor.

Starting position: stand up straight, make your legs closed, put your arms at side. At the inspiration, relax your shoulders and tilt your head forward, at the exhalation – take your shoulders back. Recover the starting position. Repeat 10-20 times.

The starting position is the same. At the inhale, raise your hands up and stand on your toes. At the exhale – recover the starting position.

Hold the same starting position. At the inhale, raise your hands up and stand on your toes. At the exhale, raise your leg so that you are in a “swallow” stand scale. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat this exercise for 10-20 times.

Exercises lying flat on back

Remember the baby exercise – inverted running: bend your knees and twist the pedals of the imaginary bike.

Stay lying on your back; put a chair in front of you. Bend legs at the knees and place your feet on the seat. Alternately bend and unbend the right, then the left foot.

Hold the same position. Rotate your feet and shins to the left and to the right, without taking them off the chair.

Move the chair aside; put your hands along the body. Lift up the straight legs, turn the foot of one leg to the left and to the right, and then bend it away from yourself and towards yourself. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Make your legs closed. Slowly raise in the candle stand, apart your legs, make small leg swings and recover the starting position.

Exercises lying on one side

First, the exercises are performed on the left side, then on the right one.

Legs are straight. Leaning on the left hand, put the right foot on the floor in front of the left knee and grab the shin with the right hand. Bend your left foot towards yourself and lift a little your left foot. Slowly move it down. Perform the exercise for 5-10 times.

Legs are straight, lean on the left elbow; the palms of both hands lay flat on the floor. Bend the left leg, and pull the right leg forward and bend in the foot, pulling the tiptoes towards you as far as possible. Straining your legs, raise your right leg up, then slowly move it down, but do not put it on the floor. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times.

Infusions and ointments in case of varicose veins

There are many folk recipes on the Internet for the treatment of varicose veins. For example, the application of green tomatoes, drinking of nutmeg infusions and even datura seeds infusions

But neither these nor any other prescriptions are considered effective by doctors, because even special ointments and pills only suspend the disease development, but do not cure it.

Put simply, all the familiar medical and non-medical methods are ineffective in this case. In fact only already mentioned sclerosing therapy, laser therapy and applying less often venectomy can be helpful.

Gymnastics, diet and contrast shower, which raises the vessels tone, as well as breathing exercises will help to stop the disease development.

Respiratory exercises and varicosity

The effect of all of the above means can be nailed down with the help of respiratory gymnastics. Breathing exercises will strengthen the vessels, reduce weight, and also help to overcome the physical stress.

Practice drills using the Aironic simulator improve the blood circulation of the whole body. Tissues and organs receive blood flow. Its viscosity decreases, and consequently, the lower extremity veins congestion is also decreased.

Through the use of Aironic simulator:

The whole body muscles are strengthened.

The weight gradually decreases in a natural way and without any complications.

The patient is breathing as during physical activity.

The body blood supply comes back to normal

If you have combated with varicosity for a long time, but have not found an effective tool yet, try the Aironic simulator. It will support your therapy and within 3-4 months you will see the desired effect.